Title: Families Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action

Programme: CIP - IEE - Intelligent Energy Europe
Duration:  10/2014 – 09/2017
Website: www.fiesta-audit.eu
FIESTA aimed to lead families with children to save energy at home, acting both on their energy consumption behavior and on their purchasing decisions. As the need for cooling was (and still is) a growing issue to be faced urgently, the project focused on cooling and heating solutions which offer significant domestic saving potential. With the support of 19 partners (5 technical partners and 14 municipalities), FIESTA took part in 5 countries with a Mediterranean climate that require extensive use of air conditioning systems such as Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. 
Energy Help Desks were established in the municipalities providing support and door to door energy audits for families, and engaged in the  specific actions towards schools, social housing residents, heating and cooling retailers and installers. To attract additional beneficiaries, several FIESTA lotteries were organized and a consumers’ purchasing group were created to foster families’ investments.
Apart from REA Kvarner, Croatian partners in this project were: City of Rijeka, City of Zadar and City of Pula, where local Energy Help Desks were established.