Making your home more energy efficient

Though achieving the largest energy efficiency improvement in recent years, the household sector is still responsible for a considerable share of energy consumption in Europe:  29% of final energy consumption takes place in the household sector, where heating and cooling account for around 66% of the total energy use at home, this becoming the largest energy expense for most families.

Families with children are at the core of the FIESTA project, aiming to cut their energy consumption and related emissions by fostering improvements in their daily habits to make them more energy-efficient and particularly in their use of heating and cooling systems at home.
Funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, the FIESTA project started in October 2014 and lasts 36 month (ending in September 2017).
FIESTA’s partnership is wide and counts upon 19 partner institutions from 5 southern European countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Cyprus), all committed to support families in the reduction of their home energy consumption. Particular attention is paid to the involvement of vulnerable consumers (such as families with low income, living in social housing and similar) in all project activities.
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