Title:  Transferring a toolkit for RES Integration in Smart Mediterranean Islands and rural areas

Programme:  Interreg MED  
Duration:  1/3/2021 – 30/6/2022
Website: PRISMI PLUS (interreg-med.eu)
About the project:
Islands and rural areas decision-makers generally find difficulties in planning the transition to low-carbon energy systems for many reasons, such as lack of knowledge and data. TRISMI aims at tackling this challenge by transferring the PRISMI decision-making tool for increasing local Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration based on a multicriteria analysis and a transnational approach, considering economic, technical and environmental parameters, to identify optimal solutions respecting local features and social needs.
The transferring approach will rely on the involvement of receivers enabling a better understanding of their needs and allowing adjustments for an effective application of the tool and the consequent development of 2 Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) for rural areas and 2 Clean Energy Transition Agendas (CETAs) for islands. Givers will share tool knowledge and receivers will provide information on local contexts, regulations and social needs while learning how to apply the tool. Moreover, the effective transferring to receivers will be assessed by a transferability test. This intertwined collaboration will be realised through virtual and physical meetings, enriched by communal activities that will enable experience sharing and knowledge raising for all participants and one-to-one training to respond to specific needs. Finally, receivers will be able to further disseminate and apply the tool after the project lifetime in new territories.
The Regional Energy Agency Kvarner has joined the PRISMI PLUS consortium to provide technical assistance to Croatian municipalities involved as associate partners. The Municipality of Mrkopalj and the City of Cres will participate in trainings organized by the consortium to demonstrate the effectiveness of decision-making tool for increasing local RES ratio. Also, the Municipality of Mrkopalj will be involved in the process of drafting the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).
The total project budget is 499.757,50 EUR, while the project budget envisaged for the Regional Energy Agency Kvarner is 36.287,50 EUR (272.156,25 HRK). The Interreg MED programme covers 85% of the Agency's budget, i.e. 30.844,37 EUR (231.332,81 HRK)