Title: Diffusion of Cooling and Refreshing Technologies using the Solar Energy Resources in the Adriatic Regions

Programme: IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
Duration: 07/2012 – 09/2015
Website: http://adriacold.eu/
Adriacold had studied the practical applications of solar cooling technologies in order to facilitate its use, and at the same time disseminate knowledge and demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of solar cooling. After a phase of analysis and study of the needs of thermal conditioning and identification of the most effective and appropriate technologies,
the project moved to a demonstration phase in which six pilot plants were installed in three partner countries. In the final phase, the performance of systems was monitored and assessed, resulting with the collection of valuable data and drafting of guidelines useful to replicate these technologies in other countries.
Pilot project implemented by REA Kvarner:
Installation of the solar cooling plant in the premises of the special hospital for rehabilitation Thalassotherapia Crikvenica. Thalassotherapia has huge needs for hot water and cooling in the summer months, when solar energy is the most available. The aim of constructing a solar cooling system at its premises was to improve its cooling requirements, increase the share of solar energy in the hot water preparation for the purpose of medical centre patients’ rehabilitation and, at the same time, to save energy and achieve significant emission cuts. Air cooling was carried out by an absorption cooling device that works with a mixture of lithium bromide and water, with the cooling effect of 17 kW.